Become a Nutritionist and a Personal Trainer

We are always looking for new ways to improve our bodies both physically and mentally. From fancy super fruits in smoothie shops to mega health boosting vitamins we find on instagram, it’s almost like we are looking for health benefits in the furthest places. In reality, we can find healthy foods that have multiple benefits to our body in the nearest grocery store. Particularly in the seafood aisle, you can find fish chalked full of protein and vitamins that will leave you with more health benefits than you realize. Not only can fish boost your immune system and nutrient intake, but they also have advantageous qualities to mental health and brain function. Drop The Fishy Vitamins and Pick Up Some Fish

Eyes, and Brains, and Bones, Oh My!

Fish provide individuals with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that strengthen the body and may prevent diseases such as type 1 diabetes. The vitamins that fish provide you with assist in sustaining and maturing the body’s healthy functions. With Vitamin D and Omega-3 fatty acids combined, you can ensure you will have the qualities required for healthy eye, brain, and bone development. The Vitamin D stored in fish does not only benefit your bone health, but it helps provide you with a healthy sleep routine. Since sleep is a crucial aspect of our bodies resting and recharging it is important to sustain healthy sleep cycles, and fish can help! 

The healthy benefits of fish do not just stop at your physical body, but they also extend to your mental health. Yes, you read that correctly; your mental health. Studies done by PubMed Central state that individuals who regularly eat fish have slower rates of mental decline as well as stronger retention of memory and emotion regulation. Other PubMed studies show that the vitamins and fatty acids in fish can be known to aid in the regulation of depression symptoms as well as compliment the effects of antidepressant medicines.

It’s Time For a New Cookbook

It may come as a surprise, but fish is much more attainable than pseudo vitamins and over priced drinks from boutiques. Packed with nutritional resources that benefit your mind, body, and emotions, you can find it easy to incorporate fish into your regular diet. Who knows? Maybe you can pick up a few new recipes while you’re getting your health on the right track.


How Personal Fitness Training Can Teach You About Nutrition

Are you interested in other nutritional facts? We now know about all the healthy benefits fish can bring us, but what about other foods and trends? Legumes? Fruits? Proteins? What about how these affect us when they cross with our exercise trends. If you invest your time in a Personal Fitness Trainer/Health and Wellness Program, you can learn about the in’s and out’s of nutrition. You can even begin to maybe implement nutritional outlines for clients that will pay good money to learn about their body and eating habits.

Where Can You Find a Personal Training Program? 

You can find a personal trainer program online by doing a quick google search. Qualities to look for in a program would be tuition prices, an extensive curriculum, and great reviews. If you find a school you like you can request an interview with an admissions advisor and learn more. Do not be shy and do not forget to ask questions. This is your education, and if you want to invest your time in learning about nutrition you should make sure you are getting the most out of it. Plus, not only would you be certified to be a nutritionist, but you can kill two birds with one stone and begin to train clients.

The Difference Between Career Training and Four Year Degrees

If school was never your favorite activity, thinking about your future education can be hard. As a society, somehow we’ve developed this idea that going to a four year university is the only way to achieve success in life but that is not the case. Four year universities along with masters and PhD programs are built for a specific type of model student. If you do not fit into the mold of a student who can attend these institutions and adapt to the wide array of courses, then spending your money at one is not the best idea. An alternative education to hastily attending a university would be to get career training in a specific field you see yourself not only benefitting from, but enjoying.

The length of time needed to complete your courses is the first upside to trade schools over four year institutions. Vocational programs can range from weeks to maybe two years. Four year institutions can take longer than the designated four years, especially if classes are set back for various reasons. With the saturation of bachelors degrees coming into play, many end up going on to complete master’s degrees. Masters degrees add on another two to three years to your schooling. All together, instead of a year or two of career training you can end up with 7+ years for a degree and possibly the same amount of pay.

career training

Career Training Gets You Higher Wages

Career training prepares to launch you into a career and provide you with a stable pay rate. Your program focuses on one special set of skills so once you are finished, you can excel in that field. Many employers who hire graduates of trade schools realize that their work is a bit of a niche quality. This niche skill set is already rare to have or requires specific training, therefore many employers are prepared to pay their staff with livable wages. These wages will only have room to get higher with further training geared towards that companies goals. Four year colleges leave many graduates in entry level jobs with minimal pay.

In terms of job placement, trade schools are required to place or assist a certain percentage of their students in payed positions or they will be shut down. Career services departments keep in contact and form bridges with may employers and teams that students are excited about. These companies hold positions that students are specifically studying for and end up landing. Four year universities rarely guarantee you a focus in job search assistance and primarily focus on curriculum. Career training schools gear curriculum to helping students find a job.

Career Training or Four Year Degree?

Normally, vocational school certifications and four year degrees are pitted against each other. It’s almost as if the two can not coexist in the same plain of pedagogy. No form of education is better than the other, it’s simply a matter of what you prefer. If you are interested in a broad education that slowly leads to a focus and a degree then a four year university is your choice. You should go to a trade school for career training if you prefer training for a specified career field and job placement services.

Getting Certified in Physical Therapy and Massage At Once

Getting trained in Physical Therapy Aide or Sports Rehab is not only a great idea, but it provides individuals with a skillset that can benefit them in the long run. With the field of Physical Therapy linked to an increase in job outlook in the next few years, that gives any graduate from any sort of occupational therapy or physical therapy aide program the upper hand on the hunt for a job in the field of health and wellness. The special aspect of Physical Therapy Aide and any program related to it is that there is a lot of Massage Therapy that is involved. In fact, often times if one is certified as a Physical Therapy Aide, they are also certified as a Advanced Professional Massage Therapist. This dual certification proves that training to become a Physical Therapy Aide is beneficial since the rehabilitative sports massage skills will make you more marketable, make you more money, give you more opportunity, and provide you with more knowledge to heal others.

Physical Therapy

As long as people are in motion, physical therapists will not be scarce

The whole point of going out on interviews to meet employers as a potential hire is to market yourself. A sure fire way to make you marketable in the field of health and wellness is getting trained in both massage therapy and physical therapy aide. Employers are going to realize that you will not only have the skills of Physical Therapy as an asset to their team, but with training in massage you will be able to satisfy customers in one of the core modalities of sports rehab. This experience in an important facet of healing others through bodywork will spark up an interest in you when meeting employers. It is easier to market yourself with more skill and stand out from the crowd when you have a specified focus aside from your regular training.

How To Make More Money

Having a certification in both massage and physical therapy can ensure that you are making more money. Often times, when your skills excel and act as an exceptional accet for your company, your pay rate can prove to be higher. This concept of higher pay for more skills is similar to when employees get paid a bit extra for being bilingual. When they speak Spanish in a Spanish speaking area or Mandarin in a Mandarin speaking area, they benefit. This is because their business can truly benefit from removing language barriers. Not only will you get a higher pay rate off the start for having training in physical therapy aide and massage therapy, but since your skills will set you apart from the bunch, you are sure to have clients ranting and raving about your extra care. If you are certain that you are utilizing the extra knowledge you learned in your massage training during your therapy sessions, you can leave your clients with a happy of memory and expressing that to your supervisors.

Getting trained in two fields such as these two would also end up getting you more opportunities. Opportunities for what you ask? Well, mainly business and job opportunities. When you are certified in just one field, the jobs you can inquire about are fairly limited. With the job outlooks separately being high in both the field of physical therapy aide as well as massage therapy, you can get a higher conjoined job outlook from your pool of opportunities. With more job opportunities, comes more networking. This can come in handy especially if you are using your skills to work from home or start your own business. Many massage therapists decide to work freelance or contracted through a third party and if clients find out that they are certified to assist them with their sports rehabilitation aside from their regular relaxing bodywork then that can boost your chances of happy clients and extended referrals.

More Opportunities

Aside form the money and opportunity that comes with getting trained in two fields, the knowledge that comes with your training will prove to be more than it’s valued. The field of physical therapy and massage are all based in the same factor of healing. Both massage and physical therapy have different modalities and ways to heal people and by learning both you can strengthen the other skillset. You can use your extended knowledge of massage during your rehabilitative sessions and maybe give your clients a  stretch during or after your massage sessions. Knowledge and skill level are evident to clients based off of the type of care they receive after a session. If an individual goes the extra mile to expand their skill set and present that in the work they provide, the clients healing process will be elevated and it will be noticable.
There’s nothing better than killing two birds with one stone, especially when it gives you the satisfaction of being a better healer and advancing your career. Southern California Health Institute offers programs that include training in two fields in less than a year. For more information please call (818) 980-8990 or visit the SOCHi website at