Become a Nutritionist and a Personal Trainer


We are always looking for new ways to improve our bodies both physically and mentally. From fancy super fruits in smoothie shops to mega health boosting vitamins we find on instagram, it’s almost like we are looking for health benefits in the furthest places. In reality, we can find healthy foods that have multiple benefits to our body in the nearest grocery store. Particularly in the seafood aisle, you can find fish chalked full of protein and vitamins that will leave you with more health benefits than you realize. Not only can fish boost your immune system and nutrient intake, but they also have advantageous qualities to mental health and brain function. Drop The Fishy Vitamins and Pick Up Some Fish

Eyes, and Brains, and Bones, Oh My!

Fish provide individuals with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that strengthen the body and may prevent diseases such as type 1 diabetes. The vitamins that fish provide you with assist in sustaining and maturing the body’s healthy functions. With Vitamin D and Omega-3 fatty acids combined, you can ensure you will have the qualities required for healthy eye, brain, and bone development. The Vitamin D stored in fish does not only benefit your bone health, but it helps provide you with a healthy sleep routine. Since sleep is a crucial aspect of our bodies resting and recharging it is important to sustain healthy sleep cycles, and fish can help! 

The healthy benefits of fish do not just stop at your physical body, but they also extend to your mental health. Yes, you read that correctly; your mental health. Studies done by PubMed Central state that individuals who regularly eat fish have slower rates of mental decline as well as stronger retention of memory and emotion regulation. Other PubMed studies show that the vitamins and fatty acids in fish can be known to aid in the regulation of depression symptoms as well as compliment the effects of antidepressant medicines.

It’s Time For a New Cookbook

It may come as a surprise, but fish is much more attainable than pseudo vitamins and over priced drinks from boutiques. Packed with nutritional resources that benefit your mind, body, and emotions, you can find it easy to incorporate fish into your regular diet. Who knows? Maybe you can pick up a few new recipes while you’re getting your health on the right track.


How Personal Fitness Training Can Teach You About Nutrition

Are you interested in other nutritional facts? We now know about all the healthy benefits fish can bring us, but what about other foods and trends? Legumes? Fruits? Proteins? What about how these affect us when they cross with our exercise trends. If you invest your time in a Personal Fitness Trainer/Health and Wellness Program, you can learn about the in’s and out’s of nutrition. You can even begin to maybe implement nutritional outlines for clients that will pay good money to learn about their body and eating habits.

Where Can You Find a Personal Training Program? 

You can find a personal trainer program online by doing a quick google search. Qualities to look for in a program would be tuition prices, an extensive curriculum, and great reviews. If you find a school you like you can request an interview with an admissions advisor and learn more. Do not be shy and do not forget to ask questions. This is your education, and if you want to invest your time in learning about nutrition you should make sure you are getting the most out of it. Plus, not only would you be certified to be a nutritionist, but you can kill two birds with one stone and begin to train clients.

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